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Physical Exam

Edinger Urgent Care

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Undergoing a physical exam at least once a year is one of the easiest ways to preserve your health and well-being. At Edinger Urgent Care, John Alevizos, DO, and the team offer traditional and specialty physical exams to people of all ages. To schedule an appointment at the office in Santa Ana, California, call to speak with an administrative staff member today.

Physical Exam

What is a physical exam?

A physical exam is a routine checkup that assesses your physical and mental health. It presents an opportunity to ask your doctor questions, discuss unusual symptoms, and monitor your health over time.

It’s important to schedule a physical exam annually, even if you feel relatively healthy. Many potentially serious issues, including high blood pressure and diabetes, present few obvious symptoms. That means you could be at risk but not realize it.

What are the types of physical exams?

At Edinger Urgent Care, the team offers both traditional and specialty physical exams, including:

  • Pre-employment physicals
  • Sports physicals
  • DOT exam
  • HAZMAT physicals
  • Respiratory fit testing
  • School physicals

The type of physical that will most benefit you depends on your age, health history, and individual needs.

How do I prepare for a physical exam?

To get the most out of your physical exam, it’s important to prepare in advance. The team at Edinger Urgent Care recommends writing a list of the prescription medications, nutritional supplements, and vitamins you regularly take. 

In addition, write down any symptoms you’re experiencing and gather the results from any recent or relevant medical tests.

On the day of your appointment, wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely. Avoid wearing jewelry or makeup that might prevent your doctor from conducting a thorough exam.

What does a physical exam involve?

At Edinger Urgent Care, the team tailors physical exams to each individual’s needs. At the beginning of the appointment, your provider reviews your medical history and asks a series of questions, including how often you exercise and if you smoke or drink alcohol. Next, they inspect your skin for any unusual marks or growths. 

Afterward, you lie down on an exam table, and the team gently presses on your abdomen. That allows them to assess the consistency, location, and size of your internal organs. Then, your provider uses a stethoscope to listen to your heart and respiratory rate.

Last, the team inspects your ears, eyes, nose, and throat, tests your reflexes, and assesses your gait and posture. They might also order laboratory tests, like a urinalysis, complete blood count (CBC), or thyroid panel. If necessary, your provider can also update your immunizations or refill a prescription. Most physicals take 45-60 minutes.

If it’s been more than a year since your last physical exam, make an appointment at Edinger Urgent Care. Call to speak with a member of the administrative staff or click the online booking tool.