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Workplace Injuries

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In 2019, more than 2.8 million Americans experienced workplace injuries. Though common, without intervention and treatment, these injuries can affect your quality of life and prevent you from activities you enjoy. At Edinger Urgent Care, John Alevizos, DO, and the team have years of experience diagnosing and treating workplace injuries. To schedule an appointment at the office in Santa Ana, California, call to speak with an administrative staff member today.

Workplace Injuries

What are workplace injuries?

The term “workplace injuries” refers to an accident or trauma that occurs at your place of employment. 

Workplace injuries range in severity. Some are minor and respond well to conservative measures like rest, ice, and over-the-counter pain medication. Others are more serious, like lacerations or sprains and strains and require prompt medical intervention.

If you experience a workplace injury, don’t wait to take action. The sooner you visit Edinger Urgent Care, the sooner the team can develop a custom treatment plan to help you feel better.

What are some common types of workplace injuries?

At Edinger Urgent Care, the team treats a variety of workplace injuries, including:


If your job requires you to climb, wear harnesses, or work high above the ground, you’re susceptible to a fall injury. If you fall off a ladder or scaffold, the impact may result in a fracture, laceration, or damage to your internal organs. Therefore, it’s crucial to seek help right away.

Heat illness

Working outside in the summer sun increases the risk of dehydration or heat stroke. Take necessary safety precautions throughout the day. Drink plenty of water, stay in the shade whenever possible, and wear light-colored clothing that reflects the sun’s UV rays and protects your skin.

If you experience heat-related illness, Edinger Urgent Care can supply IV hydration, treat your sunburns, and make recommendations for your safety.

Repetitive stress injuries

If you regularly use power tools at work or perform the same movements over and over again, you might develop a repetitive stress injury like carpal tunnel syndrome or osteoarthritis. The team at Edinger Urgent Care can take in-office X-rays, if necessary, and provide recommendations for treatment that ease your pain and improve mobility.

What should I do if I experience a workplace injury?

If you experience an injury while on the job, alert your direct supervisor immediately. After you fill out the necessary workers’ compensation paperwork, contact the team at Edinger Urgent Care. The office is open from 8am to 5pm, but the team provides after-hours appointments when necessary.

At your consultation, the team reviews your medical history, asks about the events leading up to your injury, and conducts a comprehensive physical. Then, they develop a care plan that aligns with your needs. That might include rest and prescription medication or injury care, physical therapy, and rehabilitation.

Don’t hesitate to seek treatment for workplace injuries at Edinger Urgent Care. Call to speak with an administrative staff member or click the online booking tool.